About VDL Fleurs

VDL Fleurs originated from the company which was founded by Teun van der Lugt

sr in 1950. He began growing in flat glass and later expanded after the

chrysanthemum cultivation rose. In 1967 VDL Fleurs’ put its first chrysanthemums

on the market. After years of cultivating three crops (tomatoes, lettuce and

chrysanthemums), Teun van der Lugt Sr. decided to fully concentrate on growing

and trading only chrysanthemums. In 1979, Gerrit joined the company and the site

was gradually expanded to 22,000 sqm. In 2001 he built a new 36,000 sqm site,

now called VDL Fleurs. Six years later his son Teun joined the board of directors.

Nowadays VDL Fleurs is a modern company with 38,000 m². The site which was

built in 2001 is referred to as "Nursery I" and the site which is currently being built is

referred to as 'Nursery II'. The company has automated many of its labor-intensive

activity using a plant robot and a fully automated spraying robot. The daily

management of nursery I is in the hands of  father Gerrit, who is being assisted by

son Rick. Teun is in charge of Nursery II, he is being assisted by manager

Marco Boekestijn.